Aquatrek is an efficient, portable solution producing fresh water from any source, lakes, rivers, ponds and sea.

Aquatrek is built into a tough military grade wheels case, that includes the watermaker itself, the prefilter and the connection hoses to the water source (10 mt. long). Aquatrek 50 produces 50 lit/h of fresh water with an electric consumption of 110 watt only. This unit is powered 12 V and can be connected to any external battery.

Aquatrek is also available as Aquatrek PowerBox. It is assembled in a strong suitcase as well, and includes a special Lithium battery, a charger that can accept all DC/AC standards to activate the recharging cycle of the battery, and a folding solar panel that allow to charge the battery, and power the watermakers, directly from the sun.

Powerbox is therefore an ideal complement for this unit.


  • Capacity: 50 LIT/H | 13.2 GAL/H
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC
  • Consumption: 240 W – 20 A
  • Weight: 48 Kg – 106 lb
  • Membranes: n. 2 2.5″ x 21″
  • Filters: 50 mesh strainer – 5 micron melt blown 5″ x 2½”
  • Inlet Hose: i.d. 16mm length 10mt
  • Discharge Hose: i.d. 16mm length 5mt
  • Permeate Hose: i.d. 6mm length 5mt
  • Suction Capacity: Horizontal 10mt – Vertical 1mt


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